Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is next month REALLY August?

I was blindsided this morning. Right out of the blue. My sister informs me that next month is August, and almost time for me to think about working on my Christmas cards. August?? How in the hell did that happen?? It would have been different had it came gradually... you know, one month at a time.. But, all of a sudden, its next month! Crap..

I usually have Chikkinmas ideas running out of my brain by now. This year, my brain is on vacation. It is thinking of house remodeling. It didnt have time, or the extra space, to think of Chikkinmas too. Days either need to stop going by so damn fast... or someone needs to give me ideas for chikkins... Either way, Chikkinmas is going to be a crap shoot if I dont do something soon!!!

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Morgan said...

Why you talk about me in the 3rd person when I is teh only one reading your blog!!! :)