Friday, September 17, 2010

Time to John C. Mayer James W Marsters-AGAIN!!!

Since I work the graveyard shift, I have a lot of time on my hands between midnight, and 4 am. I spend muchos time playing on the interwebz. Aunt Becky is one of my most favorite haunts. This week though, she has outdone herself! After blogging about how the karma of John C. Mayer was destroying her transmission, She set the Pranksters with a way fun task. To John C. Mayer a celebrity, or other, of our choice. It all began innocently enough.

Welcome to the world of being John C. Mayer-ed James W. Marsters! Again.

I began this night with lack of direction, not at all unusual. So, I thought that James W. Marsters and I might play Oregon Trail, the old version, with the horrible graphics. So, I named the wagon master James W Marsters, and every other player James W. Marsters. This, you might think, would make it difficult to keep track of every single James W Marsters, but alas, I really didnt care what happened to which James W Marsters.

James W Marsters did not fare well.

After James W Marsters had to deal with a broken leg, broken arm, James W Marsters ended up with typhoid, dysentery, the measles, cholera,......

Then, James W Marsters got the final blow and died. It was a sad trip for everyone named James W Marsters. I took screen shots of all of the trials that James W Marsters had to go through, They wouldnt transfer over here.. Stupid screenshots of James W Marsters. It was probably the lasting karma of John C Mayer.

Then, I had to find a new way to John C Mayer James W Marsters. Luckily for me, James W Marsters has a Facebook page! I have also learned a few things about James W Marsters. Like, he really can play the guitar.
Also, James W Marsters has an interesting biography, if you really are interested in James W Marsters.

James W Marsters favorite episode on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where James W Marsters played the sexy Spike, ironically, is the same as mine. Where James W Marsters sings. *sigh* James W Marsters could sing to me anytime!

And, for fun, James W Marsters shows up all over Youtube. James W Marsters does interviews, sings, and sings some more!

Also, the last time I looked, I had not made to the first page of google, but if you click on the blogs about James W Marsters, I AM NUMBER 2!! So, yay me!!!


steph gas said...

nice john c. mayering of james w. marsters. i have learned many things about james w. marsters that i had NO idea about before! good luck with your attempt - i john c. mayered william m. joel, and have yet to break the top ten pages *sigh*.

Andra Harding said...

Im not on the first page, but if you click on the "blogs" over on the side of James w Marsters, it comes up #2. I am pretty happy being there.

I dont think I am done yet! I still have two more graveyard shifts to go this week.... Watch out James W Marsters, you are not done being John C Mayer-d!!!

Becky said...

Like James W. Marsters, I always got dysentery and died when I played Oregon Trail. It's a pretty depressing way to die.