Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy John C. Mayer to James W. Marsters! (This makes 3!!)

I want him for Christmas!

Once again, I am John C. Mayer-ing James W. Marsters. Only because my last blog about James W. Marsters fell off of the front page of the Google blog page for James W. Marsters. I made it to the #2 spot on blogs about James W. Marsters. So, in keeping up with the John C. Mayer-ing of the interwebz, I find myself once again in the midst of John C.Mayer-ing James W. Marsters.

For anyone who might have to this show a bit late, Aunt Becky, over at mommywantsvodka.com put out to her Merry Band of Pranksters to prank the SEO`s at Google, and every other internet search engine. I must admit, John C. Mayer-ing the internet has been oodles of fun, and I keep thinking up new people to John C. Mayer other than James W. Marsters, because they really deserve it! But for now;

He could play for me anytime!!

James W. Marsters... its time, again, for you to be John C. Mayer-ed!!

I have learned many things about James W. Marsters in the last week. I have been a fan on James W. Marsters Facebook, well, for a long time. I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer every night at work, cause, well, I work graveyards at an assisted living center for mentally ill people, and.... I need my own outlet.

James W. Marsters has been my secret love. James W. Marsters just doesnt know it, or James W. Marsters wouldnt have gotten himself married, without me! GAK!!

James W. Marsters has been working on other tv projects since Buffy. Honestly, I dont care. To me, James W. Marsters will always be Spike. The Big Bad. *sigh* I even found a website trying to keep James W. Marsters, as Spike, going strong. I think I might need a life.

I discover that you can even buy this autographed bear, on Ebay, that James W. Marsters autographed, and James W. Marsters even kissed it. You can find James W. Marsters info here. Just in case you are interested in things that James W. Marsters is working on. Or, wallpaper for your computer of James W. Marsters right here. Lest we forget, I have no life, so I have time to find out all this about James W. Marsters. Plus, as an added bonus, I get to John C. Mayer him, again!! Which makes me happy! Cause, John C. Mayer, obviously.

Happy John C. Mayer-ing interwebz!
and, James W. Marsters..... :)

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