Thursday, September 16, 2010

I think I love you James W Marsters!

As I sat down to read Aunt Becky`s latest thoughts about John C. Mayer, over at, I realized that I have thought about an actor occasionally. I became grateful that James W. Marsters doesnt seem to have the same amount of free time as John C. Mayer. Or at least not yet. As my car seems to be running fine right now, so I know that I have not appeared on John C. Mayers radar. Thank freaking God for me that James W. Marsters seems to be
more preoccupied with interviews and his fantasy of getting himself, James W. Marsters, hitched without me! Honestly, James W. Marsters. What are you thinking! Gah!

I first fell madly totally in love with James W. Marsters when James W. Marsters played Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. James W. Marsters in all of his bleached James W. Marsters glory, *sigh*. James W. Marsters did a fantastic job pretending that he, James W. Marsters, was British. Even though, in fact James W. Marsters was born right here in the good ol` US of A.

I would so throw myself in front of a..... okay, James W. Marsters, I am not willing to throw myself in front of anything for you, James W. Marsters. So get that idea out of your head right now James W. Marsters! I would, however, feed you chocolate in be.... no, wait. Sorry James W. Marsters, the chocolate is mine! Hmm, so James W. Marsters, you are safe for now! SO, leave my car alone, It is old, and has problems all on its own!

I thought about changing my cats name to James W. Marsters, as my dear Aunt Becky suggested, but he still wont answer to James W. Marsters. He is not the one, as I type, watching James W. Marsters right now, but on Buffy season 5. I have to admit to you, James W. Marsters, I have really never bothered to watch you, James W. Marsters, on anything else.

And I have to wonder, James W. Marsters, if you look on Google, to see what pops up (geeze James W. Marsters, you have a dirty mind!) about you! Plus, Aunt Becky`s idea of pranking Google was just too freaking awesome to pass up! So, Google, and James W. Marsters, have a great day!

-My cat, who I tried to name James W. Marsters, but he thought not!


Rebecca said...

Hope you make it to number 1 in the Google searches on James W. Marsters. I am currently something like number FIVE!!! on the Google searches on Adam M. Lambert! Go me!

Becky Mochaface said...

James W. Marsters was cute as Spike. Though I was always more of an Angel girl. I like the broody.

Andra Harding said...

OMG! I still swoon inside when I watch James W Marsters on Buffy. I like the bad boy persona that James W Marsters uses, and when James W Marsters, as Spike, falls in love with Buffy, and then James W Marsters practices what he will say! Angel has sexy eyes......

This is great fun!!!

Becky said...

Wow, and to think I didn't know very much about James W Marsters until you pulled a John C. Mayer on him. It's like John C. Mayer brought us together.